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Trellis Fencing in North London, Standard or Privacy Styles

Fence builders which provide trellis fencing  in Muswell Hill, Hampstead, Highgate, Wood Green and Finchley, North London areas.

A trellis can be described as an architectural structure; it is mostly made from an open framework which is of interwoven or intersecting wood pieces or bamboo. It is constructed to display as well as support the climbing plants. There are different trellises for different plants and for different places for example clematis, grapevine or climbing roses require different types of trellis.

Some plants climb and wrap around the trellis by themselves while other require some kind of artificial help by passing the shoots which are growing through trellis or simply tying them through the framework. A trellis is set at one place and doesn’t move, it is usually a collection of vertical pieces that usually made of lattice pieces which are perpendicular to the slats which lie vertical.

Trellises are generally made from unfinished, traditional wood which in turn complements your garden. It can be painted in white or any color that suits your garden while others are made from plastic or metal and are available in a variety of sizes as well as colors. Trellis usually requires support from back or it might lean against or be nailed to a wall which is supporting. The length and width of their structures vary according to their size; the ones which are attached to house might climb from bottom to several stories high.

The weaving of the plants should be gentle and it should be done to smaller shoots as well as regular trimming is also very important for the plants as the plants weight might pull the trellis over if not trimmed properly.

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