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Picket Fencing

Green Fellas is a North London based garden fencing company. The organization is known for its expert and innovative garden fencing styles. The various forms of garden fencing as provided by the company are widely appreciated. The patterns so available serve the purpose of privacy, security and also beautifies the location to a great extent.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a type of fencing which is type of fencing which is known for their evenly spaced wooden boards also known as pickets. This type of field fencing has been very popular from years and its recognition is no less in current scenario.

We believe in providing the finest products and thus we take complete care of the dimension of fencing. The timber boards are held upright into the ground and are cropped in various designer patterns. Further, other wooden planks are adjoined to this erect pole. The top of these wooden boards and often pointed and this is what makes it call pickets.

The material of these wooden fences are supreme range timber from ethical sources. Our expertise lies in the installation process of this fencing. Therefore, our craftsman gets completely acquainted with the dimensions and the requirements. The work-process followed at our place indicated us to read the needs and further serve the finest possible results. We employ picket fencing for landscaping projects and craft ideas to add to the beauty of the places. We ensure fresh look, naturally beautiful appearance, stability and quality of the picket fence.