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Green Fellas is a recognized name in the field of garden fencing. The company operates in North London and is well-known for its work. It serves a wide range of garden fencing products and services to ensure the accomplishment of beautification of your gardens. The company wishes to render utmost quality products and labour to meet your expectations of an ideal garden fencing.

The variety of garden fencing concepts from the company has added hazel hurdle fencing to its list. Hazel refers to a number of small trees and shrubs in the genus named Corylus. Hazel Hurdle fencing claims an extreme deal of skills and expertise.

The contemporary use of hurdles for fencing has raised the concept of using hazel for the purpose. The fences so created are completely environment friendly and a significant source to enhance the elegance of the location. The designs of the fences and the concrete building process ensures the resistance against strong windy conditions. The natural gaps between the hurdles allow the wind to pass and thus it diffuses the force of the wind.

Green Fellas uses hazel rods of good diameters. The mould and preparation of the fences require exceptional skills of a woodsman to prepare fences.  Our spirit is that we are capable to provide and built a variety of designs and pattern over fencing. The quality of the fences is a thing we constantly boast. The structure, material and pattern of the fences make it a commendable product.

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