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Overlap Fencing

If you want to add a little privacy to your boundaries but you don’t want to sacrifice the style than probably overlap fencing is suitable for you. It is much affordable as it is made up of metal or wooden planks; they are designed in a way to keep the privacy high as they act like a wall.

overlap fencing

It can be used in both commercial as domestic areas. They are generally high in terms of height to ensure privacy, overlap fencing provide your garden with the perfect back drop for the plants in the garden. They are available in various shapes and sizes you are require selecting the one the fits in your requirement. They keep your garden safe from outside interference as their structure is designed in such a way that they overlap each other therefore there is no space in between which means more privacy and security.

These fences are constructed from the horizontal boards which overlap partially and also restrict air movements which add up the security. The boards are framed in rectangular pattern and include capping on the top. The wooden overlap boards are usually made in such a way that they run horizontally to make a waney fencing panel. They will not make a good choice for fencing around the garden where football is played usually. Proper care should be taken, as they are a little fragile until they are secured properly.