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Venetian Slatted Fencing

Green Fellas, situated in North London is a company which deals in garden fencing products and services. The company has efficiently provided garden fencing products and services to the seekers. The appreciable build quality, genuine products and admirable customer support system make the company extremely desirable. The company wishes to provide stylish and long-lasting fencing products to the domain. A Venetian kind of fencing is designed to have horizontal slat made of timber or any other material. The style quotient in the fences is taken utmost care-of along with the security concerns.


Green fellas presents a wide range of venetian slatted fencing. The commodity is a high-quality, easy to install fencing which has slats and can be readily fragmented into required sizes. The company is deeply concerned with the mode of the product and thus it is available in different varieties. The fences are designed not only to serve their sole purposes, but also to ensure elegance in the location. The Venetian slats available in different patterns and heights are meant to serve overall purposes. The fences are rendered heights and designs which suffice the need of privacy concerns.

The material used in the manufacturing of the Venetian slatted fences is derived from responsibly and ethically sourced wood which comes from forests. The durability of the fences is unquestionable. The company promptly serves with quality built material and well-structured garden fences. The collective factors of available patterns, materials and the company’s name persuade to make the right decision of choosing the Venetian garden fencing.