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Green Fellas is a garden fencing company which serves a variety of fencing styles. The organization is widely known for its built-quality and reliability. The vast range of fencing products and services in collaboration with the highly experienced workmanship is the specialty of the company.

Wooden fencing is the most common form of garden fencing. The evolution of garden fencing has experienced lots of modifications. However, the post rail fencing is holding its importance ever since its innovation. This type of fencing has various benefits. The erect wooden pole is visually separated into sections either horizontally, vertically or both. This allows visibility, passage of air and intensifies the appearance of the location.

We offer various pattern and design in post rail fencing. The patterns available in post-rail fencing includes forms like standard, mortised, nailed, etc. These patterns so available are placed as per the requirements. The sawn square section, vertical timber posts, half round rails, and machine rounded posts, including the flat face of the posts and the morticed form of posts are all our areas of expertise.  Our aim is to fulfil your wish of creating a fine-looking conventional style garden fencing.

Our team assures accuracy in the measurements of the timber blocks so as to enlighten the retro look of your garden. The cutting pattern of the timber to be used is done in such precise manner. It is done to ease the installation process of the fences. The product is pressure treated and therefore durability of the product is an aspect to we are proud of.

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